OUR Team

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Hellen Keller

Her words ring loud and clear.  When I first started making Lola Granola Bar in my kitchen, I would wake at 5am, cut the bars, then wake the kids for school.  My mom could come by 9am and help bag. Then, when I got the  kids off the bus, they would help seal and label.  As we grew, my team has evolved, but I could not have accomplished all of this without all our employees, family, friends, and neighbors.  Thank you all.

Lola's Mom

Creator and Founder of Lola Granola Bar, Mary is formally the assistant to the Marketing Director and CEO of National Golf Course in Briarcliff, NY, Mary catapulted into consulting for the retail industry in the late 1990’s.   She implemented necessary management changes, niche marketing strategies and systems for billing, product development and trade shows preparedness for clients. Mary Molina will continue to oversee production, accounting, and product development. She was the recipient of a coveted award to participate in the Tory Burch/ Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program where she was able to refine her growth strategy and prepare Lola Granola Bar for high growth, and creating jobs. Holding high standards in energy bar quality in taste and production she is proud to have her story told in the media and to offer nutritional energy snacks to anti-hunger and backpack programs.

Lola's Dad

VP of Sales, Ernie has over twelve years’ experience in the wholesale food industry selling independent food stores in the northeast with annual sales of 8 million, retail food experience from the Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company and Organic Grocery Retail Consulting.   Ernie is not limited to the food industry; he also has work related experience in the management of manufacturing business and owned/operated retail stores. Ernie leads efforts to increase distribution of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), and growing the company’s retail presence through food service. Ernie will focus his efforts on increasing distribution of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), growing the company’s retail presence through foodservice and merchandising.


Pivot Table Expert

Linda is all about pivot tables!  She is a happily        married Mom of a beautiful daughter and 2 golden retrievers.  Linda loves to eat great food and stay in shape by hiking daily with her two big dogs.

FAVORITE BAR: The Nathan and a coffee after an awesome hike with my dogs.