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LOLA's humble beginings

Lola is one of 5 children with food allergies.

Lola's mom, Mary, created LOLA SNACKS as a way to feed her family during a time when her family was receiving food assistance.  She grabbed what she had on hand and made simple energy bars her children could eat because of allergies, but were able to satisfy her husband's hunger.

Mary would be up all night baking, grab a 2 hour nap, get the kids up for school and as soon as the bus left run back inside to package the bars until her mom could come take over so she could go deliver her fresh made snacks.  As friends would stop by, Mary would put them to work labeling and sealing bags.

.....And when Sunny Anderson stops by to help, she brings a film crew.  

One of the happiest days was walking into our new state of the art production facility.  Mary is all smiles while the kids are amazed by the conveyor belts running the bars from slicing to packaging to boxing.

Enzo takes his job seriously as our un-official QA officer.  We think Enzo taste tested about 100 bars to make sure it still tasted like Mary's homemade ones.  It safe to say they passed the Enzo taste test :)

So whether you’re a mom on-the-go like Mary, your kids are craving an after-school pick-me-up or you are preparing for a cross-country marathon, LOLA Snacks will take you from work to work out, school to practice and everything else in-between.

Everybody needs a little goodness, Lola Snacks donates thousands of Lola bars to local anti-hunger programs and charities throughout the United States each year and volunteers with other like minded businesses and community members to help feed our neighbors in need.

DISCLAIMER: LOLA BAR is a food product and not a treatment or cure for any medical disorder or disease, any claims made are not intended as medical advice. If you have any questions relating to immune or digestive health, you should consult a healthcare professional.