Homemade Dairy Free Ice Cream

Oh! I can't call it Ice Cream...Dairy Free CLEAN frozen dessert!

This was so simple that anyone dairy free who loves ice cream should give it a try. I used my cuisinart ice cream maker to give it more air.  I got the idea during a hot night while I was think of what to do with all the gluten free oats I had left over from an event.

The idea hit me like a snow ball.  Soak the oats, stain off the water, add sugar and pour into ice-cream maker.


I decided to make my own oat flour by grinding my gluten free oats into an oat flour, but it is just as easy to buy oat flour.

To make your own oat flour, grind Gluten Free Oats in blender, grinder or nutribullet until it is a powder.  I suggest blending it at least 3 times to get it the oats to a fine flour like consistency.


pour boiling water into oat flour and sugar, add vanilla. Stir and let sit for 3 minutes.

Next get out your electric egg beaters

 beat for 2 minutes and then let sit for 5 minutes.

Here is a step I missed... to make this non dairy frozen dessert a little bit creamier, strain the mixture through a sieve.

Next pour into ice cream maker, turn on and wait 30 minutes


The kids said it tasted like frozen oatmeal, but it definitely had an ice-cream consistency and they each devoured 2 bowls.  I'm pretty sure this recipe will be a win win for anyone looking for allergy friendly non dairy ice cream.

I think I will be a bit more creative next time and add some inclusions like chocolate chips, frozen blueberries, cinnamon, or caramel.

If you eat this frozen dessert right out of the ice-cream maker it will be the consistency of a very soft soft serve or thick milk shake. I wanted it to be a bit harder and stuck it in the freezer for 2 hours before serving it to the kids.

You know it's good when you don't have to cover up taste with chocolate syrup!


Here's the recipe...Adapted from Cast Iron Vegan blog:

2 cups oat flour

1 cup raw sugar

3 cups boiling water

1 tsp pure vanilla extract



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Spring sports: how to fuel and hydrate your athlete.

Spring Sports have official begun and you will find me at a soccer or lacrosse field at least 6 days a week now....

Make sure your athlete starts with a good breakfast and hydrates with water through out the day.

It's important for student-athletes, or any athlete for that mater, to stay consistently fueled with complex carbohydrates and good protein like nuts and seeds that aren't processed or derived from something else.   Michelle Wie - golfing phenom shares 6 things that keep her fueled and focused at

It's also important to keep this in mind: Snacks are fuel, not treats, not rewards. They provide an energy source your athlete can draw on. Therefore, you want this to be “premium” fuel – not low-octane.

When you have an athlete who competes all day long in events like competitive swimming, tennis matches, soccer tournaments, etc., you have to be prepared. The last thing you want is for your athlete to eat candy out of the concession stand.  Keep you snack bag packed and handy for those moments.

Natural protein found in yoghurt, cheese sticks, nuts and seeds, and jerky are great, but muscles rely on carbohydrates for fuel.  Look for a variety of snacks like Lola Granola Bars, bananas, carrots, boiled eggs, string cheese, jerky, and trail mixes to keep your athlete's performance tip-top.  You can also check out for other snack ideas.

To prevent cramping stay hydrated with water, and try to avoid sugary sports drinks.

If you are competing throughout the day and need to replace electrolytes, try all natural coconut water or make your own clean and simple electrolyte sports drink with this simple recipe:

Honey OrangeADE

1/2 cup Orange Juice

4 cups Water

2 tbsp Raw Local Honey

1/4 tsp Sea Salt


1/4 c Lime Juice

1/2 c Lemon Juice

4 cups Water

2 tbsp Pure Cane Sugar

1/4 tsp Sea Salt


*This recipe =  2 sports water bottles (use a 2-quart pitcher when making it)

*To dissolve the honey/sugar, I boil 1/2 cup water to dissolve sugar/honey, then add in 3 1/2 cups cold water.


To make a gallon:

1 1/4 cups Juice (orange, lemon-lime)

14 3/4 cups Water

6 tbsp Honey or Pure Cane Sugar

3/4 tsp Sea Salt



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Smoothie Stashes

Does you smoothie mustache resemble a 1980's Pro Wrestler like Hulk Hogan, Ravishing Rick Rude, The Iron Sheik, Lou Albano or Mean Gene Okerlund?

Lola sports the Hulk Hogan mustache straw when she sucks down her blueberry smoothie before school.  


Whether you are a Pro Wrestler, runner or kid rushing off to school, start your day off right with a complete breakfast of complex carbohydrates, fruit, and protein.  Below is a Simple Delicious Blueberry Smoothie recipe with everything you need for a clean simple good breakfast or you could just grab a Nathan Blueberry Almond Lola Granola Bar...LOL!


Lola's Simple Blueberry Smoothie.

1/2 cup Fresh Blueberries, 1 Banana, 1 cup Pineapple Juice, 1/4c Oat Flour, 3 mint leaves.



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Healthier Version of Marshmallow Rice Crisp Treats

One of my childhood secret food crushes is homemade marshmallow rice crisp treats.  I had a variety of people in the neighborhood that I would beg to make them and I always counted on my Aunt Mary bring them to family reunions in Springfield, Illinois.  

In  the 90's Kellogg's started manufacturing rice crispy snack packs, but it didn't quite have the same handmade flavor I longed for.

I occasionally make the treat for my kids, but I wanted something just a little bit healthier.   My new and improved recipe comes with a new name too:  Ruby's Rice Puff Treat, because she likes these little puffy treats as much as I do!

4 cups mini marshmellows

6 cups brown rice puffs

3 tablespoons coconut oil.

a lil' dash of salt.

Melt coconut oil in sauce pan over medium heat, add marshmallows, stir until melted.

Or in a microwave dish add marshmallows and coconut oil, cook on high for 30 seconds, stir, 30 second more, stir, 30 seconds more, stir, 30 seconds, stir, 20 seconds, stir. (do not microwave for longer than 30 second intervals...marshmallows explode and boy is it messy)

Your marshmallows should be melted into one mass at this point. (if not, microwave again for 30 seconds and stir.)

 Add brown rice puffs into melted marshmallows mixture, fold quickly, about 15 times.

 Here's my helper Ruby!


Dump into a greased 13 x 9 x 2-inch pan  or into a parchment lined pan.  


Using buttered spatula or wax paper firmly press mixture into pan.

Cool and cut into squares (as it cools, it will become less sticky)

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Raising the BAR

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Here we are, January 1st, 2016.  Wow!   Not much has changed for us at Lola Granola Bar, but what has changed is all the hype around us.  It's funny that for the last three years, Lola Granola Bar has only used clean, simple, good ingredients and now all of the sudden, there is a huge push around bringing attention to brands that are hiding their "unhealthy" ingredients and those that have nothing to hide.  We've never had anything to hide!  We pride ourselves on having a short ingredient list, all of which you AND your kids can pronounce, and keeping it clean, simple and good.  What more can you ask for?

It's amazing how many people say they do read ingredients lists and that is great.  BUT, can you say that you are 100% certain that you know where every ingredient comes from?  If you can, that's great and you are probably among the healthiest 2% of Americans.  If not, it might be time to re-think what you are eating.  We aren't talking drastic changes here, it's about being informed.

Did you know that ingredients are listed in order of quantity?  Did you also know that some ingredients will use names other than what you are expecting?  Here's a quick, helpful article from our friends at The American Heart Association:  pointing out the finer tips on reading labels.

Read carefully, eat healthfully and live a CLEAN.SIMPLE.GOOD.LIFE.



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In honor of Cyber Monday, all Lola Granola Bar products will be shipped FREE today!  It's for today only, so order up! 

Also, TODAY is the last day to Buy a Box, Give a Box!  What a great way to help those in need (because hunger isn't seasonal) and take advantage of no shipping charges.

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Buy a Box, Give a Box

We'd love for you to help us give back.  We realize not everyone is in a position to give back, so you might be thinking, "how can I help?"  We are giving you, our loyal LOLA customers, the opportunity to give back - on us!  From November 1st through November 30th, for every box (1 box) of LOLA bars purchase on our website, we will donate 1 box of LOLA bars (up to 300 total) to three local food banks.  


  1. Simply add your box of LOLA bars to your cart.
  2. For every box you purchase, we will donate up to 3 boxes per order to three local food banks.
  3. Upon checkout, in the "additional comments" section, simply tell us if you'd like us to make the donation in your name or not.  Please do not add the extra giving box to your order - we'll take care of it!
  4. Sit back, relax and feel good about giving back!

We wish you the comfort of family and friends this season and hope that you'll always, snack happily.




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Notice anything different?

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we have turned LOLA pink!  We hope you enjoy this new hue and that each time you visit our site (which should be often:)) it is a reminder of how important it is to keep up on all things health related.  We are sure you've heard that breast cancer does not just affect women, it affects the entire family.  

According to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, "every 2 minutes a woman in the U.S. is diagnosed with breast cancer."  Research is getting better, education and resources are widely available, but there is still a long way to go.  

So, bug your female family members about their checkups!  Don't take "I'll get to it next month" as an answer!  

Maintaining a clean, simple, good and healthy diet is only part of the battle.  

Visit often, snack happily and GO PINK!



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Yes, you have come to the right place!

Welcome to LOLA'S newly designed website.  Our objective is to give you a clean, simple and good experience with LOLA.  These three characteristics are the core of our brand.  We use clean, natural ingredients that don't need a process to make them taste good.  Our ingredients are simple - even kids can pronounce them!  No PhD required here.  Due to our attention to using quality and local ingredients, they just make our bars taste good.

With back to school snack shopping right around the corner, LOLA is the perfect choice for kids lunch bags (and yours:)).  We've found a great resource with easy tips to get you ready for that first day back.  See it here.

We're happy to have you as part of our family and look forward to bringing you the best of LOLA.

Visit often and snack happily.



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